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Plumbing Install

Family owned and operated with a commitment to doing it right the first time, Clark Plumbing can handle plumbing installation jobs big and small. We strive to perform next day service when we can. Call us for a free estimate today!

Water Heaters

Sometimes your water heater just doesn’t keep up with your family’s needs. With washers and showers, you might be using more heated water than anticipated. Call Clark Plumbing for expectation water heater service and sales.

Bathroom Remodel

Sometimes your bathroom just isn’t what you want or need. Clark Plumbing can help you design and remodel your bathroom so your sinks, tubs, and showers are all where you want them and working great.

Emergency Services

Leaks and small drips can quickly develop into a big problem. Clark Plumbing knows that home repairs don’t wait for business hours so we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs for leaks, drips, and other plumbing problems.

Sump Pumps

Keeping your basement dry is the main function of a sump pump. If your sump pump isn’t meeting expectations, call Clark Plumping & Heating, LLC so we can help fit your basement with a sump pump that delivers.

Plumbing Inspection

Before you buy a new home or decide to invest in a property, have the experts at Clark Plumbing take a look. Our professional plumbing inspections can help you know exactly what the state of the plumbing is and what might be involved in fixing existing problems.

Leak Repairs

From pinhole leaks to large pipe cracks, Clark Plumbing has been fixing leaks for over 35 years. With professional and efficient service, you can trust that your pipe leak will be fixed right the first time.

Garbage Disposals

Many people have come to rely on their garbage disposal working when they need it. When it breaks it can be a huge inconvenience. From repairs and installations to troubleshooting and replacements, the experts at Clark Plumbing know how to get you a garbage disposal that works. 

Backflow Testing

Backflow is when contaminated water gets into your existing clean water due to pressure issues in your pipes. Clark Plumbing knows how to backflow test so you can ensure that your plumbing system is working properly so you get fresh, clean water when you turn on your faucet.

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